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Magazine articles on dieting, the effects of diet on health, nutrition, and healthy foods.
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Food Processing
February 2013
Rory Gillespie
Eating Habits Should Change as We Age The food industry needs to develop products for more, smaller meals and add longevity-promoting ingredients. mark for My Articles 866 similar articles
Food Processing
February 2013
David TerMolen
What's Next for GMO Labeling? The defeat of California Proposition 37 does little to slow down anti-GMO activists. mark for My Articles 35 similar articles
Food Processing
February 2013
Mark Anthony
Macronutrients and Micronutrients Offer Key Ingredients to Brain Health The brain requires adequate protein, essential fatty acids and a variety of micronutrients. If processors feel they need to think before employing formulations with ingredients for brain and cognitive health, there now is a wealth of nutraceuticals for just that. mark for My Articles 249 similar articles
Food Processing
February 2013
Claudia O'Donnell
Understanding Protein as A Functional Ingredient Ingredient technology advances are providing a growing array of uniquely functional proteins. mark for My Articles 330 similar articles
February 13, 2013
Tony Horton
Supplement Your Diet People often ask me, "Tony, if you eat like a king with a diet full of organic, free-range, homegrown, farmers' market food, four or five meals a day, why do you still need to add supplements?" mark for My Articles 237 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
February 13, 2013
Carmen Nobel
5 Weight Loss Tips From Behavioral Economists Business scholars increasingly hinge their hypotheses on sociological and psychological studies with a general goal to help organizations run better, but the research often leads to findings that are useful to our everyday lives including weight loss. mark for My Articles 22 similar articles
January 31, 2013
James Fell
How To Lose Weight It's important to see exercise as a tool that gives you the power to resist junk food. Because it does. mark for My Articles 537 similar articles
January 30, 2013
Tony Horton
Flexitarian I like to call myself a flexitarian. In other words, I eat whatever I need to stay healthy. It's a diet that shifts and adapts to allow me to perform at my peak as an athlete. Of course, it took me a while to figure this out. mark for My Articles 231 similar articles
January 29, 2013
Gwendolyn Knapp
Staying Fit In Fat City Nobody comes to New Orleans in search of a healthy alternative, least of all during Mardi Gras. Anyone who lives here will tell you that trying to stay healthy is a question of pure willpower. mark for My Articles 16 similar articles
January 28, 2013
Ian Lang
Six-Pack Abs: Part 4 I do not have a fitness-model-worthy six pack. On the plus side, my abs are less invisible than they were even a week ago. mark for My Articles 167 similar articles
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