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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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June 2004
Jake Halpern
Without a Barrel Surviving Niagara? No sweat. The real challenge is figuring out what drove Kirk Jones over the edge. mark for My Articles
The Motley Fool
May 25, 2004
Dayana Yochim
What It Really Means to Save The author passes along an inspirational story about a woman in India saving for over a decade to buy a cow, the key to financial freedom. mark for My Articles
Registered Rep.
May 1, 2004
Jason Van Steenwyk
Less Than Zero: Risk Management in a Life-or-Death Environment A freelance financial writer who served in Iraq equates his risk management experience there to everyday civilian life. mark for My Articles
May 2004
Doug Grandell
Back Story Trying to get away from a nickname. mark for My Articles
British Heritage
Bruce Heydt
The Case of George Edalji Sir Arthur Conan Doyle uncovers the truth in the case of a man falsely arrested and imprisoned. mark for My Articles
December 23, 2003
Recollections of a Battered Man "The truth I knew beyond any doubt took a battering worse than the blows to my body," writes the author. mark for My Articles
December 16, 2003
George Rolph
How To Abuse A Child This Christmas, when your kids are doing things that maybe you don't approve of be careful what you say to them. You words can cut deep and rob them of talent that could one day help them to achieve something in life. Let your present to them be your love, not your prejudice. mark for My Articles
December 2003
Brad Wetzler
Ski Naked What do you get when you bus two dozen high school seniors from the Nebraska flatlands to the peaks of Colorado for their first winter trip to the Rockies? You get an all-American rite of passage, gangsta rap, and terror on the bunny slope. mark for My Articles
IDB America
October 2003
Roger Hamilton
Four young winners, one disquieting view Short story contest illuminates another side of life in the Caribbean mark for My Articles
October 2003
Peter Stark
Last Time Around The author's father traveled the world, shipped out on the last commercial sailing voyage around Cape Horn, and handed down a legacy of adventure. But his risk-taking spirit had a dark side -- and its shadow fell across a final winter rendezvous in Aspen. mark for My Articles
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