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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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Real Travel Adventures
May 2005
Jenna Orkin
Heart of Darkness: Confronting Fear and a Few Other Things in the Wilderness : Part 2 He was over six feet as he leaned with both paws against the trunk of the tree. In his ear was a red tag. He looked at me with curiosity like someone at a party who's open to conversation. "Mommy," I whimpered. ... What I did next is a road map of what you're not supposed to do. mark for My Articles
Real Travel Adventures
April 2005
Jenna Orkin
Heart Of Darkness: Confronting Fear And Other Things in the Wilderness : Part 1 If you meet a black bear do this; if you meet a grizzly do the opposite. The crucial question, it seemed, was how to tell a black bear from a grizzly. Nine times out of ten, the ranger assured me, they're more afraid of you than you are of them. But what about that other one time? mark for My Articles
Real Travel Adventures
April 2005
Linda Ballou
Safari on the Salmon River We began our 86-mile float down the Salmon River with the sun shining and snow-bright clouds mushrooming on the horizon. By the time we pulled into Magpie Beach for lunch the clouds had turned kettle black and let loose on our tostada salads. mark for My Articles
February 2005
Alison Wright
The Life That Almost Wasn't She survived a near-fatal accident in Laos, only to be told that her adventure travels were over forever. Why one woman refused to listen. mark for My Articles
Sports Central
January 11, 2005
Mark Chalifoux
Chip Magic: The Montana Pete Story (Pt. 2) A story of a man practicing poker and winning a tournament. mark for My Articles
October 2004
Rachel Scheer
Welcome to the Jungle When you're a guest in one of the most remote rain forests in the world without the aid of modern conveniences, all you can do is learn from the locals--and keep out of harm's way. mark for My Articles
High on Adventure
August 2004
Steve Giordano
ShoeFly: Snowshoes in the Sky What would you do if you were in a little town in the Washington Cascades and your snowshoe guide said it was a good day to fly? mark for My Articles
Jake Brennan
Dispelling Myths & Urban Legends Myths are as old as the proverbial wives who tell them. We hear them when we're so young we'd believe almost anything, and now we've believed them for so long that they still seem just as true as when we first heard them. mark for My Articles
Car and Driver
July 2004
Bob Zeller
Urban Legends Take our interactive quiz to see if you can sort fact from fiction in these car stories mark for My Articles
June 23, 2004
Debbie Gisonni
Be Happy - Choose Now Instead of living in the land of "I could've, should've, would've" or "what if," try living in the land of "I am," because now is the only moment you can affect and enjoy. mark for My Articles
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