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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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July 1, 2003
Hillary Johnson
If At First You Don't Succeed How my father tried to reconcile his big ideas with a small-minded world. mark for My Articles
November 28, 2002
Richard Powers
Literary Devices A short story: What happens when the Internet takes over from Shakespeare and Goethe? mark for My Articles
October 23, 2002
John F.X. Sundman
Short Story: How I destroyed the new economy Dot-com visionary David Wetherell could do no wrong -- until he started building a mansion on an ancient Indian burial ground.. mark for My Articles
October 15, 2002
Suzanne Finnamore
Aspirin for a severed head My husband headed to Club Med after divorcing me. I joined Club Dead. mark for My Articles
October 7, 2002
Justin Davidson
May you never know your place My son believes New York is his town, and the world is his oyster cracker. Is he entitled to feel entitled? mark for My Articles
U.S. Banker
September 2002
Dumiak, DePaula & Adams
Year One Eight weeks after fleeing the World Trade Center, Larry Fitzgerald dodged flaming plane wreckage once again... and more stories of the year since 9/11/2001. mark for My Articles
September 16, 2002
Dawn Shurmaitis
Smoke and mirrors As a mother battles cancer, her daughter turns to cigarettes for comfort. mark for My Articles
September 11, 2002
The troubles we've seen 9/11 thoughts from Mark Crispin Miller, David Thomson, Richard Stallman and more. mark for My Articles
September 2002
What Scares Me 13 unlucky writers reveal the things that give them the waking nightmares -- from time-tested classics like snakes and vertigo to oddities like engorged ticks and beady-eyed armadillos. But don't fret! There's nothing like the shivery pinprick of dread to make you feel truly alive. mark for My Articles
Popular Mechanics
September 2002
David Halberstam
David Halberstam on His Family Through the Years, Through Tech Personal story about the author's realization of man's innovation, leading to the changing times of technology. mark for My Articles
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