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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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August 28, 2002
Cory Doctorow
"0wnz0red" Programmers who hack their own bodies don't need exercise and never get sick: A new short story from one of science fiction's bright young stars. mark for My Articles
August 26, 2002
Matt Bergantino
The essential worker's lament I have cramps, too much toner, and nothing more to say. mark for My Articles
August 19, 2002
Terry Greene Sterling
The beauty of a hippie chick face-lift I surrendered to vanity, but I wanted to keep it real. How does one avoid looking like a Beverly Hills real estate agent? mark for My Articles
September 2002
Ben Mezrich
Hacking Las Vegas The inside story of the MIT Blackjack Team's conquest of the casinos. mark for My Articles
August 2, 2002
Sean Elder
The shadow president People say I look like you know who. Why me, lord? mark for My Articles
July 18, 2002
Stephen Reid
"Hang in there, sweetie. I'll be home in 18 years" As a father behind bars, my role is to listen to my daughter's life. mark for My Articles
July 15, 2002
Maria Laurino
What you don't know can kill you A brush with death in the delivery room brings a windfall of frightening family secrets. mark for My Articles
July 10, 2002
A.R. Torres
Found and lost I thought I was one of the lucky 9/11 relatives: I had the remains of my husband. But then the medical examiner informed me I was grieving over only 40 percent of Eddie's body. mark for My Articles
June 19, 2002
Christopher Ketcham
Spelunking the empire of death In the catacombs beneath Paris, a legendary trespasser enacts the theater of psycho-terror. mark for My Articles
June 4, 2002
Gary Presley
Crippled logic Who was she to kill herself? If anyone deserved that bullet, I did -- a bitter fool in a wheelchair. mark for My Articles
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