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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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May 17, 2002
A.R. Torres
What if? I used to ask myself what I could have done to save Eddie. Now I realize: I was asking the wrong person... mark for My Articles
May 17, 2002
Jennifer Foote Sweeney
They'll know we're Christians by our exotic dancing A single mother condemned by her church for her job is holier than it is... mark for My Articles
May 15, 2002
Cathryn Michon
Sex at the bake-off I know there's a scandal at the 40th Annual "Quick and Easy" Pillsbury Bake-Off... mark for My Articles
May 14, 2002
Carol Lynn Mithers
This is not my beautiful house We go back to old homes to reinhabit past selves. We don't own them anymore, but they belong to us nonetheless... mark for My Articles
May 10, 2002
Lu Vickers
New last words for my mother I meant what I said, but I wish I hadn't said it... mark for My Articles
May 9, 2002
Stephen J. Lyons
Every other weekend Somewhere between the penny loafers and the new Latvian stepmom, I learned that visitation doesn't always make divorce easier to swallow... mark for My Articles
May 7, 2002
Kate Convissor
What matters After a year and a half on the road, we're two states from home. Time to figure out whether it was worth it... mark for My Articles
April 26, 2002
A.R. Torres
Getting the goods Eight months after Sept. 11, I thought I'd buried all of my husband. Finding more of him has meant granting Eddie one last wish... mark for My Articles
April 9, 2002
Douglas Lang
Envy and good fish just outside the padded cell I ate my first seafood Newburg during my stay at a mental hospital. Not all of us knew where we were... mark for My Articles
April 2, 2002
Earl R. Mies
A world of hurt What do you do when your wife punches you -- hard? I learned to cover my face and stifle my anger... mark for My Articles
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