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November 27, 2013
John Kador
Ten Best Business Books of 2013 The list of the Ten Best Business Books, now in its second year, recognizes the most useful business books for financial professionals. mark for My Articles 7 similar articles
Chemistry World
November 28, 2013
Benjamin Valsler
Stuff matters: the strange stories of the marvellous materials that shape our man-made world Fascination with materials sustained Mark Miodownik through a PhD in jet engine alloys and into life as a scientist, engineer and now an author of popular science books. mark for My Articles
Chemistry World
November 28, 2013
What is chemistry? This book is designed to tell the average person all about chemistry, and in a way they can understand. mark for My Articles 364 similar articles
Chemistry World
November 22, 2013
Lars Ohrstrom
30-second elements Periodic table aficionados and hardcore inorganic chemists will find amazing new facts, while the layman is offered captivating, albeit rhapsodic, insights into the world of chemistry and its applications in this book edited by Eric Scerri. mark for My Articles 51 similar articles
Chemistry World
November 19, 2013
Jonathan Wells
This is improbable: cheese string theory, magnetic chickens, and other WTF research In this lighthearted read, Marc Abrahams, the founder of the Ig Nobel prizes has collated a host of weird and wacky research with the aim of 'first making people laugh and then making them think'. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
Chemistry World
November 14, 2013
William Clegg
Symmetry relationships between crystal structures Ulrich Muller's book brings together material from a number of sources, particularly texts from Hans Wondratschek and Hartmut Barnighausen and draws extensively on the contents of the most relevant volumes of the International tables for crystallography concerning symmetry. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
Chemistry World
November 12, 2013
Margaret West
X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and related techniques: an introduction This book by Margui and Van Grieken is a tutorial providing an up to date description of the fundamentals of x-ray fluorescence techniques including an overview of instrumentation, sample preparation procedures and applications. mark for My Articles 12 similar articles
Chemistry World
October 28, 2013
Arthur Tatham
Pulse chemistry and technology The book by Tiwari and Singh will benefit anyone researching or working with pulses, and will be useful more generally for food scientists and lecturers in food science at university level, and is a must for libraries. mark for My Articles 26 similar articles
Chemistry World
November 5, 2013
Simon Coles
Structure of materials: an introduction to crystallography, diffraction and symmetry Most of the clues as to the content of this book by De Graef and McHenry are in the title, apart from the fact that it really is a very comprehensive introductory text! mark for My Articles 85 similar articles
October 30, 2013
Michelle Magnan
The Difference Between Usain Bolt And You: The point that David Epstein explores at length in The Sports Gene, is that no two people respond to sports training the same way, because no two genomes are the same. mark for My Articles 85 similar articles
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