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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-04-10

In this week's issue:  Computing evolution and devolution,
robot doctors, video-game violence and kids, and war and
peace in the Middle East...
Salon reviews "Stud," a new book about the behind-the-scenes
details of the world of elite horse-breeding.
 Buy Stud:  Adventures in Breeding, by Kevin Conley:
A Darwin article explores why economic espionage is a
flourishing trade.
A Darwin article provides insight into whether it's worth it
to go to trade shows, and if so, which ones.
Save Money at's Outlet Stores:

---Computers & Electronics---
A piece in PC World complains about computer manufacturers
making lower-quality keyboards and moving the keys around in
attempts at "improvement."
American Family Physician reports on a comprehensive review
of studies that have tried to determine whether video games
lead to violent behavior in children.
Mobile Computing has the results of a comparison test of all
six major U.S. cell phone carriers to determine which is
best for voice and data.
PC World tests and compares 16 new personal digital
assistants, from bargain models to all-in-one cell
Microsoft has launched a "trustworthy computing" initiative
aimed at, eventually, getting consumers to trust software
with their very lives.  A Salon piece wonders how feasible
that is.

HHMI Bulletin reports on programs to teach undergraduate
science students about the complex ethical questions
involved in science.
Darwin looks at the geography (and cartography) of
With a wad of gum chewed by slugger Luis Gonzales fetching
more than $3,000 on eBay, Sports Illustrated sees something
amiss in the sports memorabilia world.
Do you know anyone with a website?
They can earn money while promoting

Auto companies are working on new technologies to help
drivers avoid collisions.  Wired takes a look at some of the
Could the number of medical mistakes be reduced if we relied
more often on computers and robots to make certain medical
care decisions and analyses?  A physician floats the idea in

---World Politics & Society---
A report from the Middle East notes an alarmingly widespread
sentiment among young Palestinians:  that suicide bombing is
a sought-after career.
An American Prospect piece argues that the
Palestinian-Israeli conflict is too dangerous to the rest of
the world to be left up to the two sides alone:  the world's
powers should impose, and enforce, a two-state settlement.
A Time Asia article describes the raid in Pakistan in which
al Qaeda chief Abu Zubaydah was captured.
Wired looks at a new low-cost, lightweight pump that is
changing Kenya's rural economy.