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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-03-20

In this week's issue:  smart and dumb business strategies,
smart computers, retaining nuclear knowledge, and the search
for the possibly extinct.
A Fast Company article examines Intel's innovative
knowledge-based (as opposed to hierarchy-based) mentoring
Embattled Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is facing harsh
criticism over her management of HP.  A Fast Company article
wonders whether things would be different if she were a man.
A Business 2.0 article shows why good design does not always
translate into good business.
Would you be willing to blow the whistle?  A Business 2.0
article looks at what it takes to take on your company.
Business 2.0 profiles a company that really knows how to
collect data on its customers and put it to profitable use: 
Harrah's casino.
Business 2.0's "101 Dumbest Moments in Business" enumerates
2001's blunders.

---Business and Risk---
Looking at what shouldn't be a dirty word in business, a
Fast Company article on risk provides nine scenarios that
explore risk and reward in a decision-making context.
An Entrepreneur article implores small business owners to
take risks.
Wired reveals the high-tech, high-stakes world of
quantitative analysis-based horse-race betting in Hong Kong.
Earn money while promoting

---Computing Advances---
A piece in The Atlantic Monthly reports on sophisticated
computer simulations of societal evolution and discusses
what kinds of insights into real societies can be drawn
from them.
Wired examines the emerging ubiquity of artificial
intelligence in today's society.
A Wired piece details some of the advanced
artificial-intelligence engines that go into making today's
computer games.
Will media companies and their copyright-protection schemes
ever be able to stop geeks from thwarting their efforts to
"protect" music and movies?  A Salon article explores
whether something will eventually have to give.
A New Architect article questions whether web services will
really do anything for consumers.
New Architect reports on a court ruling that puts web-only
journalism on a more equal footing with traditional,
newspaper journalism when it comes to the legal protection
of free speech.

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A piece in Salon contends that although black actors have
reached the top in Hollywood, black actresses still get no
respect in the movie business.
An Atlantic Monthly article visits a secluded summer camp
for aspiring conductors.
CIO reports on a new psychological study comparing the
effects of multitasking on people's attention and speed of
work completion.
A Science News article looks at scientists who search for
plants and animals so rare that they may not even exist at

---Social Issues---
A New Republic piece defends cosmetic surgery as a rational
response to the culture we live in, one that places a tacit
premium on good looks.
---U.S. Politics & Society---
An analysis in Salon casts doubts on the U.S. Army's
suitability and readiness for the high-altitude combat in
which it is engaging in Afghanistan.
Wired looks at the new crop of scientists the U.S.
government has charged with the task of preserving the
nation's languishing nuclear bomb-building knowledge.