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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2002-03-13

In this week's issue, read about how Google stays ahead, why
some web sites suck, meat that isn't meat, and the
military's role in education...
Sales and Marketing Management looks at the aggressive
vision and smart corporate culture that keep Google thriving
among the ruins of dot-com land.
---Computing & Internet---
The next-generation MPEG-4 standard for multimedia
compression is expensive for developers to license -- does
that open the door for widespread use of open-source
alternatives?  A Salon article investigates.
Are you frustrated by the spread of annoyingly bad web
design?  This PC World article commiserates.
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A Salon article shows how behavioral economists explain
people's tendency to buy more when they have less to spend.
A Time Europe article looks at the threat President Bush's
new steel import tariffs pose to free trade around the
Nutrition Action rates various brands of meat-substitutes in
categories like veggieburgers, meatless hot dogs and faux
breakfast sausage.
Accidentally eating some ants is grounds for reflection on
what humans eat and why, according to a Salon article.
---Social Issues---
A Scientific American article reports that slavery persists
in the world, and social scientists are trying to explain
Earn money while promoting

Scientific American describes new tests being conducted to
make sure that the composite materials used in aircraft are
strong enough to do the job.
Bicycles with automatic transmission are hitting the
streets, and Popular Mechanics takes a look at the new
---U.S. Politics & Society---
A Mother Jones article looks at the increase in military-run
programs in American schools:  are they building character
and solving urban education problems, or just signing up a
new generation of grunts?
A Salon piece criticizes the U.S. government's new anti-drug
advertising campaign.