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Magazine articles on exercise and fitness.
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Jeff Bayer
Muscle Cramps Learning how to deal with muscle cramps when they strike -- and how to prevent them altogether -- is a smart idea if you hate being sidelined. mark for My Articles 233 similar articles
November 2007
Monique Ryan
Eat to Win Know why, when, and how to fuel with our complete guide to the athlete's diet. mark for My Articles 321 similar articles
October 28, 2007
Tony Zizza
No More Excuses For Unfit Kids The best way for kids and their parents to ensure a safe and healthy life together as a family is to exercise with each other on a regular basis. mark for My Articles 125 similar articles
Ross Bonander
4 Steps To: Complete Relaxation Regain some inner peace by following these four steps toward reaching a state of complete relaxation. mark for My Articles 65 similar articles
Jeff Bayer
Forgotten Exercises That Deliver Big Gains These exercises will revive a stagnant workout regiment while building muscle. mark for My Articles 613 similar articles
Jeff Bayer
Hardgaining While there are a few men out there who just look at a weight and put on muscle, for most men, gaining muscle mass means working hard. mark for My Articles 359 similar articles
Jeff Bayer
Endurance Training There are a great number of health benefits from endurance training, so it is an excellent form of exercise to train for and compete in. mark for My Articles 180 similar articles
October 2007
Katherine Mangu-Ward
Chinese Cha Cha Thanks to Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald's, The Guardian reports, Chinese waistlines "have expanded almost as fast as the Chinese economy." The solution? Mandatory dance lessons. mark for My Articles 103 similar articles
Dustin Driver
Slow Down Aging For those who are obsessed with youth, there are some things you can do to slow down aging. mark for My Articles 181 similar articles
Jeff Bayer
Bodybuilding Myths Take note of these common body-building myths and truths so that you can integrate the positive ones into your workout and avoid letting the negative myths hurt you. mark for My Articles 520 similar articles
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