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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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The Family Room
Marya Keeth-Stronck
Temporary Insanity Sifting through the newspaper is really a rare opportunity and nearly extinct as I ever so patiently await the birth of my second child. Before I can even imagine such a leisure time however, I hear my daughter stirring and asking for "Mommy, dada?" mark for My Articles
October 13, 2000
Julie Pham
Missed New York At a state beauty pageant, one contestant sabotages her chances by telling the sordid truth... mark for My Articles
October 12, 2000
Helayne Lightstone
My birthday as B movie All I got were cards from men who didn't want me anymore, and a kiss-off from a cowboy who left me to go do the lambada with the Latina. mark for My Articles
November 19, 1999
Diana O'Hehir
If at first ... A marriage dies and is, after 35 years, resurrected... mark for My Articles
October 10, 2000
Paulina Borsook
Revenge of the chocolate zucchini bread To get back at my ex-husband, I had to use the dessert he loved most... mark for My Articles
October 10, 2000
Chris Colin
Beautiful people like me Media parties are shallow? Then how do you explain all the deep sex and danger? mark for My Articles
October 10, 2000
Katharine Mieszkowski
Purloined porn Writers of erotica love giving away their steamy stories online, but watch in horror as their work is then stolen by rogue Web sites and fans... mark for My Articles
October 9, 2000
Steve Burgess
Star dreams While we're awake, the famous are everywhere. Naturally, they reappear during our nightly regurgitation of mental effluvia... mark for My Articles
March 3, 2000
David Goodman
Lassie, get lost When relationships go to the dogs, they go to the dogs. mark for My Articles
September 28, 2000
Steve Burgess
The evil that spiders do We're hard-wired to despise these monsters for a reason. Now hand me that plunger... mark for My Articles
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