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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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May 10, 2000
Amy Bloom
My four favorite photos of my mother Her true selves are revealed, as real as uncut gems. mark for My Articles
November 3, 2000
Dan Shapiro
Humanitarian aid Tomorrow, he would be sterile; today he needed to collect his sperm. And I had to teach him how to do it... mark for My Articles
November 1, 2000
Lee Uttmark Wicks
Diary of a crone My remedy for night sweats and bitterness comes straight from "Macbeth": Curse and plant fear! mark for My Articles
October 31, 2000
Gemma Pitcher
Not Quite The Beach Sitting in the beach hut at our hostel on the Zanzibar coast, you can see two desert islands shimmering on the horizon... mark for My Articles
April 12, 2000
Virginia Tubeck-Drozd
Ethan is on the front porch, reading I turn away, so my dyslexic son won't see my tears... mark for My Articles
October 26, 2000
Stephen J. Lyons
While you are gone I drink lots of coffee, keep my clothes on, talk to ghosts... mark for My Articles
October 23, 2000
Martin F. Downs
My contribution to granny lit I have yet to write my writer story -- it is possible that I never will -- but I'll be hanged if I miss the grandma boat... mark for My Articles
October 18, 2000
Barbara Guenevere Tanner
Myself as fictional character My childhood diaries were written by a girl I do not recognize. mark for My Articles
October 17, 2000
Ben Schatz
Save your life: Sing in drag How a high-powered Harvard-trained lawyer found health and happiness by donning fabulous dresses. mark for My Articles
October 17, 2000
Jade Hays
I miss crack babies Complaining about how San Francisco is going to hell in a handbasket just ain't as easy as it used to be... mark for My Articles
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