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Magazine articles on poets and poetry.
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March 2007
W. Andrew Ewell
Frost Bite A recently discovered poem by Robert Frost has brought fame and controversy to an English student mark for My Articles
February 2007
Nicholas A. Basbanes
Famous Once Again Henry Wadsworth Longfellow reaches his bicentennial; here's why his poems became perennial. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
October 2006
Ken Gordon
To Extemporize Is Human PowerPoint is dandy, but an online poetry jam shows that preparation has its limitations. mark for My Articles
November 2005
Paul Trachtman
35 Who Made a Difference: Wendell Berry A Kentucky poet draws inspiration from the land that sustains him. mark for My Articles
November 2005
Richard Long
35 Who Made a Difference: Maya Angelou By singing of her own hardships, the African-American poet and author has given strength to others. mark for My Articles
Autumn 2005
From the Archives Among Walt Whitman's poems of the Civil War was this one: Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night. mark for My Articles
Reactive Reports
Issue 47
Star Picks Three haiku Web sites with a scientific theme. mark for My Articles
June 2005
Sharon Boorstin
Points of Interest - Rhyme Or Cut Bait Playing to overflow crowds for three days and two nights at local art galleries, a bar, and a cafe, the eighth-annual Fisher Poets Gathering features more than 70 presenters, from Kodiak, Alaska, to Arcata, California. mark for My Articles
Registered Rep.
April 1, 2005
Mr. Whimsy During the day, Marc Frederic is a vice president and advisor for Smith Barney's Torrance, Calif., office. But other times he is a children's book poet and writer of Benny's Pets. Here's a sample poem. mark for My Articles
November 17, 2004
Ode to the Horse A poem: With an emptiness inside me... I abandoned precious hope... Never dreaming for a moment... What I needed was a rope... etc. mark for My Articles
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