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Magazine articles on poets and poetry.
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April 2004
David Lehman
Presence of Mind - Colossal Ode Without Emma Lazarus' timeless poem, Lady Liberty would be just another statue. mark for My Articles
November 2003
Christopher Breen
MasterWriter Songwriting utility makes it easy to create perfect lyrics mark for My Articles
British Heritage
Joan Gooding
Britain's Last Romantic Poet: Dylan Thomas Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) was that contradictory writer: the Welsh poet who could neither read nor write Welsh. His parents seem to have been completely opposed in their cultural background and beliefs and produced a strangely hybrid offspring. mark for My Articles
December 10, 2002
Suzy Hansen
Sex, lies and revolution Gioconda Belli talks about leaving her marriage for Nicaragua's Sandinistas and a tumultuous life of love affairs, espionage and power struggles. mark for My Articles
December 2, 2002
Jim Fisher
Prometheus' gift of fission A sonnet commemorating the 60th anniversary of the first laboratory-induced nuclear chain reaction. mark for My Articles
April 2, 2002
Elizabeth Gold
Who moved my iambic pentameter? Forget National Poetry Month -- poets would be much better off it they learned to repackage their volumes of verse as self-help manuals... mark for My Articles
October 12, 2001
Amy Standen
Rumi: No. 1 in Afghanistan and the USA Translator Coleman Barks discusses the bestselling poet who's loved equally among Yanks and Afghans... mark for My Articles
September 6, 2001
Laura Miller
The siren She bedded countless men (and women) and became the most celebrated woman of her day. She wasn't a rock star -- she was poet Edna St. Vincent Millay... mark for My Articles
August 7, 2001
Graham Joyce
Poetic license When a writing student accused England's poet laureate of sexual harassment, the tepid peccadilloes of a nation's literati were laid bare... mark for My Articles
August 1, 2001
Laura Miller
"The Sappho Companion" by Margaret Reynolds Genius? Pervert? Seducer and murderer? Homely bluestocking? Nymphomaniac? Every age has its own version of the woman whose 2,600-year-old verses invented the poetry of love... mark for My Articles
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