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The Motley Fool
December 28, 2010
Dan Dzombak
Must-Reads for Your Holidays 4 great holiday reads for the investor and market watcher. mark for My Articles 252 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
December 20, 2010
Sarah Jane Gilbert
Panama Canal: Troubled History, Astounding Turnaround In their new book, The Big Ditch, Harvard Business School professor Noel Maurer and economic historian Carlos Yu discuss the complicated history of the Panama Canal. mark for My Articles 30 similar articles
December 2010
Juan Martinez
The Rise of the Empowered-Employee Empire The coauthors of "Empowered" underscore a new-found source of corporate strength. mark for My Articles 135 similar articles
December 14, 2010
What We're Reading from the January 1, 2011 Issue of CIO Magazine Books, blogs and research about technology and leadership: Business Confidential... Undercover Boss... IT Savvy... Exsecutus... etc. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
December 16, 2010
Operations Rules: Delivering Customer Value through Flexible Operations David Simchi-Levi's new book offers some ideas on how companies can cope with oil-price fluctuations, suggesting that a flexible manufacturing strategy can help reduce the increase in transportation costs. mark for My Articles 130 similar articles
December 9, 2010
Devin Leonard
How Merrill Went Into the Toilet Greg Farrell's book, Crash of the Titans, shows many Wall Street executives were preoccupied with bonuses, expense accounts, and office renovations as the subprime contagion spread mark for My Articles 148 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 6, 2010
Morgan Housel
10 Really Simple Financial Lessons to Live By Nassim Nicholas Taleb's latest book, The Bed of Procrustes, is a collection of hundreds of "philosophical and practical aphorisms" -- pithy one-line quotes full of meaning and importance. mark for My Articles 17 similar articles
December 2, 2010
Ian McGugan
Book Review: The Hostile Takeover of Anheuser-Busch Was the brewer the victim of globalization, or just a feuding family? The clan was probably more of a culprit mark for My Articles 123 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 2010
Column: The crucible In his new book, John Emsley argues that chemical innovations in areas such as biofuels, food production and clean water treatment can deliver the promise of the book's title: A healthy, wealthy, sustainable world. mark for My Articles 40 similar articles
November 24, 2010
Ian McGugan
Book Review: All the Devils Are Here The meltdown's secret? Smart people do dumb things. Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera attempt to create a financial whodunit and take the latest stab at apportioning responsibility. mark for My Articles 40 similar articles
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