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Magazine articles on training and certification programs.
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T.H.E. Journal
September 2002
Barnum & Paarmann
Bringing Induction to the Teacher: A Blended Learning Model The immense scope of trying to cram the culture, processes and procedures of a school into a few days' time, while new teachers are also preparing for the imminent arrival of their students, is often overwhelming. But a blending of varied technologies can ease the burden. mark for My Articles 1033 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
August 2002
Nancy Csapo
Certification of Computer Literacy The International Computer Driving License provides standards that let individuals participate in a global digital society. mark for My Articles 126 similar articles
Fast Company
August 2002
Linda Tischler
No Security "Are you secure? How do you know?" That's the slightly paranoid slogan of a new training academy, run by Sondra Schneider, that's devoted to keeping corporate data safe in an unsafe world. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
Bio-IT World
June 12, 2002
Beth Schachter
Informatics Moves to the Head of the Class The race is on to increase the quantity and quality of bio-IT training programs as government and academia bet the need will be great. Will the job market back up that bet? mark for My Articles 279 similar articles
March 1, 2002
Eric Berkman
IT Star Power A Chicago nonprofit is working to bridge the digital divide and provide the IT world with some new talent in the process... mark for My Articles 23 similar articles
February 1, 2002
Stephanie Overby
The World's Biggest Classroom Dow's Web-based training system serves a cast of thousands... mark for My Articles 152 similar articles
January 15, 2002
Joe Gagliardi
Certify the CIO How can no standard credentials exist for the CIO position? mark for My Articles 760 similar articles
November 1, 2001
Jason Compton
How to Take Over the Classroom If CIOs want better graduates, they're going to have to step up to the chalkboard to get them... mark for My Articles 167 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
September 2001
Chattahoochee Technical College Links Students and Teachers The LinkNet-II system, manufactured by Applied Computer Systems, a video networking company, provides the classroom instructor with full control over all computers by linking the instructor's console to every student's workstation... mark for My Articles 337 similar articles
September 1, 2001
Fred Hapgood
Time for Training Computerized simulations become a core part of business... mark for My Articles 79 similar articles
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