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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive Site Change / 2002-03-15

You are receiving this mailing because you signed-up to
receive news about significant developments at  This list receives mail very infrequently
(last was July 5, 2001).  To terminate your subscription,
or reply to this message with "remove" in the subject.
Since our last mailing, we have moved the site to a much
faster server and changed the look of the site considerably.
We have also introduced an affiliate program so that you can
earn money with your website or newsletter by displaying ads
for our premium headline feed and article search services. 
The premium feed service allows our clients to display
article listings tailored to match the themes of their
websites.  You can read more about our affiliate program at:
As always, we continue to add new articles and magazines to
our index.  I hope that remains one of your
favorite research tools.
  Bill Dimm