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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive Site Change / 2001-07-05

We have added a "Medical Practice" category to the "Health"
section of  This category contains articles
about new treatments and drug efficacy that are aimed at
doctors (i.e. they are more technical than the articles in
the "Illness, Injury & Treatments" category).  The category
also contains articles about patient care.  Articles on
early-stage drug research are still found in the "Biology &
Life Sciences" category in the "Science" section.  The new
Medical Practice category is located at:

Some changes to the main page at make
it easier to see and navigate the main features of the site.
We've also added more information on our customized feed
offering which can turn your web site into a research
center.  See:

Thank you for your interest in,
  Bill Dimm