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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive Site Change / 2000-12-07

You can now restrict your magazine article search to a
particular category by browsing to that category, entering
your query into the search box on the category page, and
checking off "category" instead of "all" next to the search
button.  As an example, you can find jokes about George Bush
or Al Gore by going to and
doing a search on that category.  You can also change
between searching the category and all articles by using the
pull-down menu next to the word "search" on the search
engine output page.

The search engine output page now contains another item on
the "order by" menu that allows you to sort the results by
"category."  The output of such sorting is a list of the
categories with the number of matching articles for that
category (similar to the "order by publication" option). 
Clicking on a category name on this screen gives a search
restricted to the selected category. For more details about
the search engine please see:

As you may know, you can click on the little yellow marker
pen icon next to an article if you want to add your own
annotation to it so you can find it again later.  We
recently changed this feature to force you to log in if you
have not done so (articles which you have already marked are
still available, but you must create a [free] account before
marking more).  While we generally try to avoid collecting
information from the user unless it is really necessary
(including logins), we felt this was necessary to avoid the
possibility of having a user lose data due to a cookie on
their computer being accidently erased.

You can now specify an email address for your account.  This
allows you to have a temporary password emailed to you if
you forget your normal password.  If you forget your
password and have not supplied an email address we will not
be able to help you.  You can add an email address or
perform other operations on your account at:

We have added two new categories:
Business / Regional / Africa
Society, Politics & Culture / Seniors

Thank you for your interest in