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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-12-02

In this issue:  Hacking Barbie, healthiness of a vegan diet,
and the first e-commerce transaction.

AskMen lists six things you should do in college to
guarantee yourself a job after you graduate.

  Machine Learning with Clustify

Toy manufacturers are learning a hard lesson about
Wi-Fi-enabled dolls, action figures, and building sets: They
can be hacked pretty easily, according to Fast Company.
Fast Company says Facebook tipped off the U.S. State
Department about Iranian hackers.

In light of the World Health Organization linking meat
consumption to cancer, AskMen ponders the safety of meat.
AskMen discusses at dieting and macronutrients.
AskMen ponders whether being vegan is really as healthy as
everyone is trying to make it seem.

AskMen offers six steps to surviving the holidays.

Fast Company says the first true e-commerce transaction
didn't happen until 1994 with the advent of the Internet as
we more or less know it today.