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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-11-25

We want to wish our U.S. readers a happy Thanksgiving.

In this issue:  EU concerns over bitcoin, predictions, and
problems for antibiotics.

The European Commission announced earlier this week that it
was investigating whether or not bitcoin and other digital
currencies were involved in terrorist financing, according
to Fast Company.

  Predictive Coding with Clustify

Fast Company reports on the non-binding recommendations from
the FAA's task force on drones.

Fast Company reports that Facebook has activated its Safety
Check feature in Nigeria, following a bombing that killed
more than 32 people.

Fast Company features twenty predictions for the next twenty
years.  They outline a world of tomorrow where work is still
personal, computing is still social, and knowledge is still
power.  And where the rules for success will be ever-changing.

Chemistry World warns that poor management of antibiotics is
squandering life-saving drugs.  A thriving unregulated
online market for antibiotics and poor quality products are
two problems that are driving antimicrobial resistance
worldwide, according to the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance

For a spectacular holiday light display that's merry and
bright -- and doesn't blow a fuse -- follow these five tips
from lighting pros at This Old House.

Fast Company reports on the Malala Fund, which is dedicated
to ensuring that all girls, no matter where they live, can
go to school through the 12th grade.

Fast Company says Hillary Clinton hinted that Silicon Valley
should lower encryption standards to make it easier for
American intelligence agencies to monitor communications.