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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-11-18

In this issue:  A fast-charging battery, metabolism, and
public speaking.

Fast Company reports on Huawei's claim that their new
lithium-ion battery charges to 48% in five minutes.  The new
battery charges at about ten times the speed of a normal

  Predictive Coding with Clustify

The metabolism myth: AskMen explains why everyone's favorite
scapegoat isn't always to blame.
AskMen reveals four things nutritionists will never tell you
about losing weight.
AskMen lists nine foods that will help you survive the cold
and flu season by boosting your immune system.
AskMen provides seven reasons why you should stop listening
to your personal trainer and give them the "it's not you,
it's me" breakup speech.

In the wake of the recent Iranian nuclear deal, Chemistry
World says scientists in Iran are hoping to turn a page on a
decade that has left a lasting impression on the nation's
science program.

---Public Speaking---
Aaron Sorkin explains how to gives a speech in AskMen.  The
West Wing, The Social Network, A Few Good Men... Sorkin is
known for his dazzling dialogue, cracking quips, and,
famously, for his generous use of the "walk and talk."