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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-10-07

In this issue:  Bad clients, drug prices, and the Nobel Prize.

---Banned Books---
The American Library Association's annual Banned Books Week
celebrates the freedom to read by drawing attention to
attempts to censor reading materials in public, school, and
academic libraries, according to Information Today.

  Predictive Coding with Clustify

AskMen says there is a such a thing as having a bad client.
 It is someone who is willing to pay you money, but most
likely will not be happy with your work right off the bat.

---Drug Prices---
Chemistry World reports that ex-hedge fund manager Martin
Shkreli has ignited uncomfortable discussions about drug

---Nobel Prize---
Few know the process by which the winner or winners of a
Nobel Prize are chosen.  Chemistry World goes behind closed
doors to find out how the Nobel committee makes their selection.
Chemistry World reports that the 2015 Nobel prize in
physiology or medicine has been split between three
researchers for unearthing two naturally-occurring
antimicrobial products that can fight parasitic diseases
such as malaria and river blindness.