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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-08-26

In this issue:  Ashley Madison data leaked, security in
movie theaters, and Twitter helps politicians suppress their
deleted tweets.

---Ashley Madison---
Fast Company reports that hackers made good on their threat
to reveal data stolen from the Ashley Madison website.
Fast Company says Ashley Madison earned millions in 2014 by
charging users to "fully delete" their profiles.
Fast Company reports that two stores that operate at New
York and New Jersey airports are removing drones from their
shelves at those locations, after local authorities demanded
that they stop offering the merchandise.
The parent company of confirmed through
acting Toronto Police Department staff superintendent Bryce
Evans that they are offering a cash reward for information
leading to the arrest of the hackers who leaked their
clients' information, according to Fast Company.

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Security theater is an illusion that the teenagers checking
your ticket stubs at Regal movie theaters can protect
against those hell-bent on taking lives, according to Fast

A network of websites that automatically archived the
deleted tweets of politicians has lost access to Twitter's
API, according to Fast Company.