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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-08-12

In this issue:  New parental leave policies, an Ebola
vaccine, and Deflategate.

In a statement Netflix chief talent officer Tawni Cranz
announced the introduction of unlimited leave for new moms
and dads.  Fast Company considers how the policy will impact
the economy and the gender wage gap.
On the heels of Netflix's major update to its parental leave
policy, Fast Company says Adobe is announcing its own effort
to improve the way it treats new parents on its staff.

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Fast Company reports that security researchers have
discovered a way to cut the brakes of a Corvette by hacking
into it through an Internet-enabled dongle.

Fast Company says China's notorious firewall has already
blocked the website for Alphabet, Google's new parent
company, despite extensive coverage of the company's
unveiling in Chinese media, including the Communist Party's
official newspaper, People's Daily.

---Clean Power---
Chemistry World says The American Chemistry Council has
expressed concern that Obama's clean power plan might harm
growth and job creation in the US chemical sector by raising
costs for businesses and consumers.

National Defense points out that the latest Fortune 100 list
contains only four companies categorized as "aerospace and
defense" firms, down from 15 in the Eisenhower era.

Chemistry World reports that a Phase III trial for a
candidate Ebola vaccine has shown extremely encouraging
results in Guinea, demonstrating complete protection for all
those who were vaccinated.

Sports Central says the NFL's handling of Deflategate is