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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-08-05

In this issue:  Customers prefer reasonable CEO
compensation, dangerous surgeons, and the right to be forgotten.

AskMen provides tips for changing careers, including a list
of what you need to do now to make an informed decision and
not just keep trudging on.

Customers prefer to buy products from retailers with low
CEO-to-worker pay ratios, according to new research detailed
in HBS Working Knowledge.

  Cluster Documents

Fast Company reports that Brene Brown thinks it is critical
for leaders to analyze their failures.

While Greece will find it tough to support its universities,
Chemistry World says there are ways to put its research base
on life support so that it can be revived when the good
times return.

AskMen says a new study by ProPublica, a patients' advocacy
group, makes a damning claim: a relatively small number of
surgeons are causing a disproportionate amount of
complications, botched surgeries and occasionally deaths.

Fast Company says Reddit cofounder and CEO Steve Huffman is
claiming the company is streamlining the rules of its new
content policy, "quarantining" communities it does not want
to endorse, and developing an alternative to its practice of
shadow banning.

---Right to be Forgotten---
In May 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union
ruled that individuals have the right to ask that links to
information about them be removed from web search results
when users query a person by name.  Information Today
considers the consequences.