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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-07-01

In this issue:  Preparing for the Fourth of July, National
Safety Month, and tips on giving a presentation.

---Elon Musk---
AskMen reveals life lessons every man can learn from
entrepreneur Elon Musk, who created Tesla and SpaceX.

---Fourth of July---
This Old House provides a checklist to get your home ready
to celebrate the Fourth of July in a safe, fun way.

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This Old House suggests some DIY projects you can do with
your kids.
National Safety Month reminds us of what we can do to fix
home hazards today.  This Old House lists three things you
should do right now to make your home safer.

AskMen considers how money affects your mind and body.

Copping to the validity of Taylor Swift's recent criticism,
Apple agreed to pay artists and labels royalties during the
free trial for Apple Music, according to Fast Company.

Fast Company says NBC has cut business ties To Donald Trump
 after the entrepreneur and perennial presidential candidate
made anti-Mexican comments.

AskMen provides tips on giving a presentation at work.