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In this issue:  Creative people, flouride, and pharming.

Fast Company offers a list of the 100 most creative people
in business.  The most creative people are working on
problems like Ebola, world hunger, and legal ride sharing.

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No gym?  No problem -- AskMen shows you how to make the most
of what you've got, so you have no excuse not to train, anymore.

Chemistry World says the US Department of Health and Human
Services' new recommendation on community water fluoridation
lowers the optimal threshold of the mineral in drinking water.
Chemistry World says more than 200 scientists are urging
consumers to avoid products such as raincoats and non-stick
frying pans, which contain a class of fluorinated chemicals
they say are dangerous to health and the environment.

Fast Company says the International Red Cross announced a
partnership with Nepal Telecom to utilize one of the few
technologies that did provide relief in the wake of the
disaster: SMS text messaging.

Fast Company says Arntzen, a professor at Arizona State
University, is considered the godfather of a growing field
of research sometimes called "pharming," which is
engineering plants to produce specialized vaccines and other

HBS Working Knowledge looks at Rosabeth Moss Kanter's book,
Move: Putting America's Infrastructure Back in the Lead,
which offers a road map to roadway recovery.