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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-05-06

In this issue:  The downside of collaboration, a warning for
senior investors, and the EPA rebuked over its treatment of
a whistleblower.

Organizations spend a lot of money enabling employees to
solve problems collectively.  But HBS Working Knowledge says
inducing more collaboration may actually hinder the most
important part of problem-solving.

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Kayla Newhouse, who was in Kathmandu when the 2015 Nepal
earthquake struck, recounts to Lucire how she was one of the
lucky ones, enjoying relative comfort as a foreign survivor
and experiencing the kindness of the Nepalese.

With seniors more dependent than ever on their investments
for retirement, regulators have found a number of
broker/dealers may have recommended unsuitable products and
not adequately disclosed risks, according to Registered Rep..

Chemistry World says the US Environmental Protection Agency
has been rebuked by a Department of Labor judge for
concealing evidence that dust from the World Trade Center
wreckage was toxic in the case of a senior agency chemist
who was fired several years ago.