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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-04-22

In this issue:  Setting court records free, antitrust
charges against Google, and job prospects for female science
and engineering academics.

In the spirit of productivity and running better meetings,
AskMen provides a checklist of seven things that should
happen in every successful meeting.

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---Court Records---
Information Today says advocates for free access to legal
information on the Internet have proposed May 1 as the
National Day of PACER Protest to encourage the federal
courts to remove cost barriers to a wealth of information
from the nation's courts.

Fast Company says that following months of speculation, it
appears that the European Commission's competition branch is
finally ready to charge search-engine giant Google with
antitrust violations.
Fast Company summarizes Google's defensive response to the
European antitrust charges.

AskMen share things that only marathoners understand.

Fast Company reports that the Global Commission on Internet
Governance, a digital security advocacy group, met in the
Hague early this morning to hammer home a citizens-first
agenda for Internet privacy.

Chemistry World says researchers in the US were shocked to
find that, in a series of experiments designed to simulate
the hiring process, women were twice as likely as men to be
ranked first for a tenure track science and engineering

WikiLeaks has launched a giant searchable database of leaked
Sony emails.  Fast Company says you can now search a massive
database of hacked information for dirt on your favorite
Sony-affiliated celebrities and entertainment-industry folk.

HBS Working Knowledge looks at the justifications for the
United States income tax and whether it is an unfair burden
or fair payment for services rendered.