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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-04-08

In this issue:  Boycotting Indiana, mental health, and a new
study on power poses.

---Boycotting Indiana---
Fast Company lists the companies that are actually
boycotting Indiana, not just talking about it.  Barely a
week old, Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act has
already stirred outrage, and retaliation, across the country.

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AskMen provides five simple questions you can ask to find
the best exercise for you.

---Mental Health---
The Germanwings tragedy catapulted the issues of mental
health and corporate risk and responsibility into the
world's headlines, according to HBS Working Knowledge.

---Power Poses---
Despite widely circulated research purporting to show that
power poses have hormonal and behavioral effects on us, Fast
Company says a new study suggests that everything we thought
we knew about the link between posture and mood is bogus.