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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-03-25

In this issue:  Why people see "The Dress" differently,
delivery via drones, and college sports.

---The Dress---
Fast Company describes a report on "The Dress" by the maker
of popular genetics kit 23andMe, which tries to explain why
it appears differently to different people.

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Fast Company says the FAA has given a green light for Amazon
to start legally mucking around with delivery via drones.

AskMen looks at the health benefits of psychedelic drugs. 
As weed becomes more accepted, are psychedelic drugs next?
Chemistry World says the US's rapidly growing cannabis
industry -- medical and recreational -- desperately needs
chemists.  That was the conclusion of a session at the
American Chemical Society's spring conference.

Sports Central's March Madness question:  Can anyone stop
Kentucky from completing an undefeated season with the
national championship?
Sports Central says the college sports story needs a
rewrite.  Because while fans enjoy the Cinderellas this
month, the clock has clearly struck midnight on the
collegiate amateurism fairy tale.
Linebacker Chris Borland is drifting toward the back page,
or perhaps off the page entirely.  And Sports Central would
like everyone to keep considering the uncomfortable topic of
head injuries a while longer.