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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2015-03-11

In this issue:  DNA testing, AltSchool, and Walmart's wage

HBS Working Knowledge suggests that entrepreneurs go work
for the government.  A new course on public entrepreneurship
explores how fresh thinkers can work with -- and within --
the halls of government.

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---DNA Testing---
Consumer tests that analyze DNA from tumors in order to help
personalize a patient's treatment are in something of a Wild
West period, according to Fast Company.

Fast Company says AltSchool promises to solve problems that
have been frustrating school leaders for years. 
Personalized learning, parent-teacher collaboration -- no
challenge seemed to daunt founder and CEO Max Ventilla, a
serial entrepreneur and former rising star at Google.

HBS Working Knowledge asks whether a laissez-faire approach
can fix labor market inequality.  Walmart's recent action to
raise wages and offer new career advancement opportunities
cheer advocates who believe market forces, not government
intervention, offer the best ways to address unhealthy
levels of wage disparity.