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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-12-17

In this issue: Fixing your credit rating, minimum wage, and
why oil is getting cheaper.

---Antimicrobial Resistance---
Antimicrobial resistance will kill 300 million by 2050
without action.  Chemistry World summarizes a new report
that looks to a future where drug resistance is not tackled
between now and 2050.

A new study described in HBS Working Knowledge has an
important conclusion for retailers:  Explaining what it
costs to produce a product can potentially increase its sales.
A Fast Company video calls out some of the year's worst
corporate tweets.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

---Credit Rating---
AskMen has tips for fixing your credit rating.  The first
and most important step of taking control is understanding
your credit and not allowing all the myths behind the
infamous FICO score to keep you from taking correct steps to
a perfect 800+ score.

AskMen says eating right and exercising can help you live
AskMen says running could actually be good for your knees.

---Minimum Wage---
Debate over raising the minimum wage tends to focus on costs
and benefits, but HBS Working Knowledge argues that what
really is at stake are much deeper societal values.

Why is gas getting cheaper right now?  The state of the oil
market is explained by AskMen.

Which NBA teams are making an impression?  Every sports
season, there's always some team that makes an unexpected
jump, whether it be forwards or backwards, according to
Sports Central.
With the 2014 bowl season about to begin, Sports Central
says it's time to hand out some regular season awards to the
most memorable games of a thrilling college football season.