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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-11-26

We wish all of our readers in the U.S. a great Thanksgiving!

In this issue:  Eating healthy at Thanksgiving, high
intensity interval training, and making a to-do list.

A dietician explains, in AskMen, how to stay healthy during
If you're one of the increasing numbers of people who keep
to a paleo, caveman or ketogenic diet, this Thanksgiving
you're in luck because AskMen has recipes for you.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

With high intensity interval training, AskMen says as little
as three minutes' hard work can have major benefits for
overweight guys.

Lucire's beauty editor provides her top, on-trend beauty
gifts for the holidays.

Fast Company explains how to make the start of your days run
more smoothly so you'll maybe actually want to get out of bed.
Fast Company asked the experts:  How can we make our to-do
lists better, how can we streamline them to get things done
faster?  Is is possible to make a to-do list fun?