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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-11-19

In this issue:  Minding your carbs, making new friends, and
being productive.

AskMen says it's important to be mindful of your carb intake
at this time of year for a number of reasons, and your
fraying belt notches are just one of them.

Fast Company has tips for making new friends as an adult. 
When friendships themselves are healthy, they relieve
stress, which is extremely beneficial for health.  Most
people find it hard to create a deep and meaningful
friendship in adulthood.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

HBS Working Knowledge challenges the new Congress to
recommit itself to drafting legislation that will transform
housing finance for the twenty-first century.
National Defense says the U.S. government, along with
industry partners, is working to stymie the Islamic State's
burgeoning social media campaign, which experts say is
widespread and highly advanced for a terror organization.

Fast Company says it's worrisome that Uber, a company that
has raised $1.3 billion in capital, has so publicly shown
such a flagrant disregard for its customers' privacy.

Fast Company tells the secrets of the most productive
people.  Business leaders, politicians, and entertainers
give their tips for getting things done.

Football is America's favorite sport, but AskMen says it
might just be bestselling author and New Yorker essayist
Malcolm Gladwell's least favorite.