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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-11-05

In this issue:  Branding the Nobel Prize, the infographic
resume, and saturated fat.

What makes the Nobel Prize so coveted?  HBS Working
Knowledge discusses the first field-based study exploring
the prize from a brand and reputation perspective.

Fast Company explains how to create an infographic resume
that doesn't repel hiring managers.  Before you turn
everything on your resume into a bar graph and pie chart,
there are a few things to consider.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

AskMen says there isn't sufficient evidence to support
current guidelines advising us all to cut down on saturated fat.

Ebola has given US health care a critical wake-up call.  HBS
Working Knowledge says risk management tools used to handle
normal disruptions are completely inadequate to quell a
major catastrophe.

Fast Company reports on Apple CEO Tim Cook, the most
powerful man in technology, acknowledging his sexual

When the unmanned Antares cargo rocket exploded just moments
after liftoff on October 28th, several planned scientific
experiments were ruined, according to Chemistry World.
Chemistry World describes the interdisciplinary celebration
of the Nobel prize for the development of super-resolved
fluorescence microscopy.