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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-10-01

In this issue:  Outlet stores, addressing climate change,
and the impact of your diet on the environment.

HBS Working Knowledge ponders why outlet stores exist. 
Today, outlets seem outmoded and unnecessary -- stores have
bargain racks, after all. Donald K.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

AskMen reports on Ripple, the next big cryptocurrency. 
Don't think of Bitcoin as the final answer.  These things
are always part of a continuum, and Bitcoin is just one step
along the way.

How can business leaders cut through the noise and actively
address climate change from an economic perspective?  John
Macomber proposes a list of ABCs in HBS Working Knowledge.
AskMen says biking everywhere or religiously switching out
your light bulbs doesn't have as much impact on the
environment as switching out your meat- and dairy-eating habits.
Fast Company says the Englishman going by the moniker Jungle
Bird was tossed in jail for 18 hours for being a crazy
passionate deforestation activist.

Gaining weight at college can set you up for a life of poor
health and obesity.  AskMen provides a workout program along
with some nutrition tips.

Chemistry World reports that the US National Institutes of
Health has invested an additional $10 million in studies
that will consider sex and gender as a fundamental variable
in research.

---Social Mediaa---
It turns out that people are actually taking more time to
digest information they recommend, according to Fast
Company.  Perhaps we social media users are not quite as
terrible as we thought.

Sports Central says Jeter's farewell season has been
somewhat controversial for the point that questions arose
all year long as to whether the 40-year-old Yankee captain
belonged in the lineup as a regular anymore.