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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-09-10

In this issue:  Deepwater Horizon fines and settlement,
gluten, and Apple's new smartwatch and phones.

---Deepwater Horizon---
Chemistry World says Halliburton has settled the Deepwater
Horizon claims.  The oilfield services firm has agreed to
entrust $1.1 billion to settle damages claims relating to
the disaster.
Chemistry World says BP faces a $18 billion fine over
Deepwater.  The Deepwater Horizon oil rig blowout in April
2010, which led to 11 deaths and spilled over 4 million
barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, was caused by BP's
recklessness, a US judge ruled.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

AskMen lists 30 things not even football fans like about
football season.
AskMen says the subreddit /r/NFL has been buzzing over Ray
Rice.  The overwhelming response in the thread has been
complete outrage over Ray Rice's violent, unthinkable actions.

AskMen ponders whether you should cut gluten out of your
diet.  In the nutrition sphere, gluten is a scapegoat for a
lot of people right now.  Zealots claim that it's pure
poison, and others say it's all a scam.

---Mobile Tech---
AskMen says wearable technology is all of the craze these
days, and while most companies are battling to win over your
wrist, SmartRing has a different idea that fits in a smaller
place: your finger.
Fast Company looks at Apple's smartwatch.
Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. 
According to Fast Company, if the iPhone 5 was the last
phone that Apple founder Steve Jobs left his fingerprints
on, the iPhone 6 (two generations after the fact!) is Tim
Cook's boldest step yet to distance himself from his former