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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-07-30

In this issue:  Getting some sun, corporate taxes, and the
Tour de France.

AskMen says TomTom's Runner Cardio Watch provides strapless
heart rate monitoring and GPS.

AskMen explains how to find balance between getting enough
vitamin D without developing skin cancer when out in the sun.
Fast Company says a small cadre of companies has been
furiously working to develop smaller, sleeker, more discreet
devices that monitor health and wellness -- in the form of
temporary tattoos, band-aids, and ingestible pills.

  Predictive Coding

Fast Company reviews the 5 most common negotiating mistakes.
 Negotiating can be uncomfortable: standing up for yourself,
asking for what you want, and trying to get a better price,
terms, and condition often feels confrontational -- and most
of us avoid confrontation.

The flood of US corporations relocating to other countries
is a hot topic in Congress.  HBS Working Knowledge says tax
law should be reformed to keep US firms at home.
Chemistry World says companies that have a lot of income
from overseas are finding tax inversions tempting.

---Tour de France---
Sports Central reports that Italian Vincenzo Nibali
dominated the field to win this year's Tour de France, a
race that seemed wide open following the disappearance of
numerous top contenders.