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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-07-23

In this issue:  Where women can find better pay, the best of
the Internet, and looking toward Mars.

Fast Company says Airbnb has unveiled a major rebranding
effort that paves the way for sharing more than homes.

  Predictive Coding

Fast Company lists 16 U.S. cities where women actually earn
more than men.  It turns out, where women live impacts how
much they make and how equal their earnings will be to their
male counterparts.

John Quelch contends that the success of the Affordable Care
Act depends more on marketing than it does on policy.  And
in Connecticut, HBS Working Knowledge says he's got just the
state to prove it.

Fast Company says the advertising company Sharethrough has
established a $1 million fund to highlight standouts on the

These days, Buzz Aldrin has fashioned himself as an elder
statesman for space exploration, and Fast Company says he
has set his sight son Mars.