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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-07-16

In this issue:  Whisper, strengthening schools, and wrapping
up the World Cup.

Sports Central LeBron Makes Another Wrong Decision LeBron
lost a lot of fans with The Decision. Everyone knows that,
even his supporters. People didn't like the never-ending
public dance in the media.

  Predictive Coding

Fast Company looks inside Whisper's secret economy.  It's a
smartphone confessional that's caught on with millions of
millennials, who now flip through an eye-popping 6 billion
Whispers per month.

HBS Working Knowledge considers how business leaders can
strengthen American schools.  The declining competitiveness
of the United States in world markets is due in part to the
country's stagnant education system.

---World Cup---
AskMen looks at how How Germany Created a lean, mean
unbeatable World Cup machine.  It takes a country to create
a team like this. And not many countries could manage that
The Internet reacts to Brazil's epic humiliation -- and
AskMen says it is hilarious.
AskMen explains the real reason Brazil's style dried up, as
told by the locals.  Don't just criticize Luiz Felipe
Scolari for suddenly taking the Cachaca out of the country's
footballing Caipinrinha.  The modern game and its day-to-day
business is just as guilty as those choosing Brazil's tactics.
Drones capture Argentina partying hard after its World Cup
Win in the semi finals, according to Fast Company