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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-07-02

In this issue:  Apps for your morning routine, the role of
emotions in negotiations, and nutrition tips.

Fast Company describes five free apps for improving your
morning routine.

HBS Working Knowledge explores the sometimes intense role
that emotions can play in negotiations.
Fast Company says that Eugene, Oregon-based Palo Alto
Software, a company that develops business planning and
other business-focused software, recognizes that importance
of parenting with family-friendly policies.

  Predictive Coding

Team USA nutritionist Danielle LaFata shares some of her top
tips with AskMen on how to eat like a champ.

Can older unemployed workers salvage their retirement plans?
 Nothing throws a financial plan off course like unplanned
unemployment in the years leading up to retirement. 
Registered Rep. says plenty of plans have been derailed in
the aftermath of the Great Recession.

Fast Company talked to Michele Ganeless about developing
talent and what happens to Comedy Central after the
departure of Stephen Colbert.

---World Cup---
For those of you new to soccer, AskMen highlights some
strategies from basic to advanced in terms of what you might
see at the World Cup.
AskMen talks to Pele about the World Cup.
AskMen says the game of Brazil's national team this World
Cup has been neither beautiful nor functional.