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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-06-25

In this issue:  Marketers chasing memes, the first sale
doctrine, and tips to improve your posture.

Fast Company says clueless companies need to stop chasing
cold Internet memes.  For example, Wheat Thins asked
visitors in Times Square to engage in a social media
campaign involving selfies and Kelly Osbourne.  Few accepted.
A congressional hearing on the future of the first sale
doctrine produced great discussion but little consensus on
whether Congress should modify the doctrine in response to
the Supreme Court's decision, according to Information Today.
CIO suggests putting a price tag on your data.   Figure out
the dollar value of your information assets and you'll know
what the 'I' in CIO is really worth -- and how much to spend
protecting it.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

AskMen says we spend so much time on the computer, on our
cellphone, in our car, and isolating our chest at the gym
that it's no wonder our shoulders roll forward.  It provides
tips to improve your posture.

---Ride Sharing---
Fast Company explains why the insurance industry is taking
aim at Uber and Lyft.  Two bills are now up for approval in
California (where both companies are based) that could force
an overhaul in their insurance models -- and result in
higher fares for customers.

---World Cup---
AskMen looks at some of the craziest soccer fans.  These
guys own it, and are sure to entertain you through the
dullest 90 minutes the international soccer stage has to offer.
If you've ever wondered how hair trends happen, AskMen says
you can pretty much watch them unfold in real time at the
World Cup.