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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-04-09

In this issue:  The post-capitalist economy, adapting to
climate change, and how to use your tax refund wisely.

HBS Working Knowledge ponders whether the post-capitalist
economy has finally arrived.  A new force is driving
economies -- companies such as Airbnb that have few marginal
costs and even fewer employees, rendering traditional forms
of capitalism unrecognizable.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

---Climate Change---
Chemistry World says the latest Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change claims that science can offer ways to adapt
to climate change and reduce risk -- something that should
be used in combination with cutting emissions.

With a little guidance, your IRS refund check can allow you
to invest in the things that matter now and in the future.
Savvily spent, your tax refund can even help you save more
money throughout the year, according to AskMen.

AskMen goes inside the minds of real-life NCAA basketball
players.  Every year the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball
Championship, aka March Madness, puts a bunch of college
athletes in one of American sports' brightest spotlights.