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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-03-05

In this issue:  Bitcoin, working out your body's knots, and
Britain's spy agency collecting webcam images from Yahoo users.

CRM asks, can bitcoin be trusted?  The cryptocurrency gains
momentum despite the volatility of its value.
Fast Company says the most dangerous man in bitcoin isn't a
criminal.  As U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New
York, Preet Bharara has taken on many big cases over the
past few years that have nothing to do with America's
finance industry, but he's best known for his financial

Fast Company reports that Chipotle's first-ever new menu
item, the vegan tofu burrito, is going national.  Chipotle
is officially adding Sofritas -- the official name for the
shredded organic tofu braised with roasted poblanos,
chipotle chiles, and spices.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

AskMen discusses an inexpensive way for you to improve your
body.  Every time you move, your muscle fibers contract and
relax repeatedly.  Sometimes, however, small bundles of
those fibers become ultra-contracted and can't relax,
creating a trigger point or "knot."

Fast Company reports that Britain's spy agency reportedly
collected millions of webcam images from Yahoo users in
operation "Optic Nerve," which operated from 2008 and was
shown to still be active in 2012.

---SXSW Interactive---
SXSW Interactive welcomes more than 30,000 registrants to
Austin each March and has become a launching pad for
startups, a hunting ground for tech investors, a laboratory
for forward-thinking ideas, and a lavish five-day party,
according to Fast Company.