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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-02-26

In this issue:  Why you shouldn't drink coffee early in the
morning, ways to live longer, and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Comcast's acquisition of Time Warner Cable is well underway.
 Fast Company says the $45 billion deal cements Comcast's
position as the country's largest cable provider and the
First Among Equals of our national cable cartel.

Fast Company came across an infographic by Ryoko Iwata, a
Japanese coffee-lover with a blog titled "I Love Coffee." 
The infographic shows the early morning hours are the worst
time to drink coffee.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

---Live Longer---
AskMen provides 15 fun and unexpected scientifically-proven
ways to live longer.

AskMen says mindfulness meditation can rewrite how your
brain works.  The more stress we have in our lives, the more
a counterbalance is required.  And, unsurprisingly, stress
reduction is just one of many payoffs that comes with a
daily mindfulness practice.

AskMen says Canadian speed skater Gilmore Junio gave up his
spot in last week's 1,000-meter race to his teammate, Denny
AskMen looks at the Olympic athletes' most bizarre
pre-competition rituals.
AskMen asks:  What does it take to make it as an Olympic skier?

Samsung just pulled the wraps off the Galaxy S5 at the
Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  Fast Company reports
that the new phone is waterproof!