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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-02-19

In this issue:  Business and social good, DHS and the
private sector, and an app for finding singles.

What role, if any, does business have in creating social
good?  HBS Working Knowledge reports on a new seminar series
that tackles this complex question.
The decision to release 13 episodes of "House Of Cards" on
Netflix in one fell swoop was questioned by many in the
industry, but Brunetti tells Fast Company it was the best
possible outcome from a creative and business standpoint.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

---Cyber Security---
National Defense reports on a talk by new DHS Secretary Jeh
Johnson at the Woodrow Wilson Center.  As cyber-attacks
increase, the Department of Homeland Security must begin
building trust with the private sector if it hopes to quell
more widespread and sophisticated intrusions, said Secretary

The free smartphone app Tinder allows you to find singles in
your proximity.  AskMen says Tinder is all the rage in
Russia right now among Olympians.

Sports Central looks forward to the day when a gay or
bisexual athlete doesn't feel compelled to announce their
personal life to the world -- no more than one would feel
the need to announce their religious, dietary or political
Sports Central says, regretfully, that it's at least even
money that Michael Sam does not play a down in the NFL in 2014.

Is this the year Team USA nabs hockey gold?  AskMen chats
with Zach Parise and Julie Chu, who have won seven World
Championships and four Olympic medals.
Fast Company says we are likely witnessing a tectonic shift
in the way media companies cover global events like the
Olympics.  Between television, the web, and mobile, there
are now more platforms than ever to reach viewer eyeballs.
AskMen talks to Gretchen Bleiler about how she got into
snowboarding in the first place, and when her Olympic dreams
first started.
AskMen talked to Ted Ligety, the fastest American on skis,
before his big Olympic race.