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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2014-02-12

In this issue:  Open office space, understanding nutritional
labels, and the Olympics.

---Biggest Loser---
AskMen rants about The Biggest Loser's fat-shaming tone and
dangerous method after a winner drops 60% of her body weight.

Many companies are offering freebies to customers that tweet
about them.  Fast Company wonders, is this an effective form
of marketing, and is it good for credibility?
These days, you're more likely to toil in a huge communal
room packed with rows of keyboard-tapping, phone-yakking,
nose-blowing, colleagues.  To some, this allows for easier
collaboration and smoother workflow.  For others, it
signifies the death of privacy, concentration, and dignity,
according to Fast Company.

---Cyber Security---
When experts rank U.S. industries' abilities to ward off
potentially damaging cyber-attacks, National Defense says
the electric utilities are normally near the bottom.

  Real-Time Predictive Coding

---Emerging Markets---
Just like Americans returning from winter vacations,
American dollars are also flying back to the U.S. from
warmer climes right now -- which could be bad news for
emerging markets, according to AskMen.

AskMen has fitness and nutrition tips from Olympic athletes
Shani Davis, Mikaela Shiffrin, Chris Mazdzer and Erin Hamlin.

Despite the increasing acceptance of gay men and women -- in
the arts, in politics and even in the military -- it can
still be a dangerous career move to out yourself,
particularly if you're an athlete, according to AskMen.

---Light Hacking---
AskMen says many studies have linked late-night exposure to
light to some really unpleasant things, like obesity, breast
cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

AskMen provides a handy guide to understanding nutritional

With billions of dollars on the line at this year's troubled
Winter Olympics, HBS Working Knowledge breaks down what's at
stake for the brands of NBC, key corporate sponsors, Russia
-- and Vladimir Putin.
Fast Company looks at five free apps for getting in the
Olympic spirit.
Chemistry World says the Winter Olympics games in Sochi will
be a test bed for new technologies and materials that will
both enhance the arenas and the equipment that the athletes
are using.
Fast Company says Geoff Bodine and his design team have
built 18 bobsleds for Olympic teams that have gone on to win
a number of gold medals.